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Quality Tools & Materials

At Forest Joinery, quality is embedded in everything we do; from our diligent workmanship right through to the tools, hardware, and materials that we use. We invest in industry-leading brands and suppliers to guarantee a high-quality finish on your project, featuring remarkable furnishings that, importantly, stand the test of time.

Selecting the best possible materials for your budget and requirements means that we can craft and install your vision with the utmost accuracy, speed, and ease. This commitment to quality facilitates a smooth process and seamless end result.

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World-renowned for producing a comprehensive range of high-quality, industry-leading kitchen and home products. We choose Blum because they deliver superior quality, enhanced user convenience, and fantastic ergonomics.



Global manufacturer of award-winning power tools for over 90 years. We choose Festool because the products connect to dust extractors and this helps to minimise dirt and airborne dust in our clients’ homes.



A trusted Australian distributor of decorative surfaces. We choose Polytec because they are recognised for innovation, craftsmanship, customer service and the use of quality materials.